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Proficiency Testing

Introduction of Proficiency Testing
Proficiency testing (PT) is used to evaluate the participant performance in accordance to pre-established criteria by inter-laboratory comparisons. Proficiency testing is an important means to evaluate the performance of testing organizations and related laboratories. The implementation of PT projects and relevant training can promote inter-laboratory technical communication, and improves testing quality and technical level at the same time.
Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Control (SIFDC) accepted and passed the national accreditation of the Proficiency Testing Provider (PTP) review for the first time in December 2016. The proficiency testing provider accreditation certificate (Registration No.: CNAS PT0058) was provided by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment in February 6, 2017, which means that SIFDC officially obtained the qualification of the international and national referee.
SIFDC carries out PT projects in accordance to international requirements such as ISO/IEC17043. Inspection agencies and related laboratories could use PT as a tool of External Quality Assurance (EQA) to recognize differences between institutions, to supplement their internal quality control techniques, to provide information for their own continuous improvement and quality management. Laboratories’ customers, administrative bureaus, and other evaluating agencies could determine whether the related testing laboratories have the ability to engage in the activities of the calibration/testing, with monitoring their sustainability as well.
Hope anyone who may have interest keep an eye on this page. If you have any questions about PT, please feel free to enquiry SIFDC.
Contact information
Contact:  Zhukang Chen, Jiwei Lu
Tel: (86-21) 3883 9900-26712 or 26911
Address :  No.1500, Zhangheng Rd.,
Shanghai China 201203
Programs completed
CNAL T0191
Quantification of  fenofibrate  in medicine
CNAL T0283
Determination of relative density  in medicine
CNAS T0354
Quantification of a given drug with atomic absorption method and optical rotation method
CNAS T0382
Quantification of a given drug with potentiometric titration method
CNAS T0426
Quantification of a given drug with antibiotics microbial assay method
CNAS T0443
Quantification of glibenclamide with HPLC
CNAL T0512
Determination of viscosity
CNAS T0611
Determination of Kato Pury and hydrochlorothiazide in medicine by HPLC
Pharmaceutical preparation analysis
CNAS T0656
Determination of absorption coefficient  in medicine
CNAS T0715
Determination of water content  in medicine
CNAS T0774
Determination of melting point  in medicine
CNAS T0804
Quantification of nitrogen  in medicine